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... is a browser or web based desktop allowing to handle remote computers from the distance in the same way than to handle a local computer with just a standard browser. Remote computers can be any of servers, pc or mainframes.

RSS Reader, File Explorer und Email Client all in one.

With Cross-Desktop you can manage Bookmarks, read RSS-Feeds, treat Zip-Archives as regular directories, edit Text-Files and many more. It integrages a functionally complete Email Client and a URL-Download feature for file transfer based on a url. It's simply your personal information manager! (PIM) And it's virus safe!

Ideally suited for web inquires and mobile data management:

  • RSS-Reader supporting RSS- und RDF-Format.
  • Email Client with filter technique, virus safety, account management etc.
    Maintain unlimited number of mail accounts.
  • URL-Download Function for easy web inquiry without complicated Up- and Download.
  • Anywhere available as of web technology.

Squeeze out your webspace!

Millions of megabytes of payed webspace remain unused. With Cross-Desktop your webspace or virtual server behaves like a desktop computer and finally makes sense.

Standardised Web-Application-Development?

Cross-Desktop can serve as a development environment for standardized and cost saving web application development. We help you if you want to develop web applications that look and feel like typical desktop applications.
Ask for assistance.

Students develop Cross-Desktop applications

Cross Development offers a program within i.e. software development tasks can be realised in partnership with Universities. In the program of supporting educational work with Cross-Desktop, again and again interesting results come up that will be presented in a special folder. Read about a graphical application based on Cross-Desktop technology.


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