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Cross-Desktop Demonstration

For demonstration purposes, we provide a fully functional installation of Cross-Desktop. The only limitation for the live demonstration version is that emails are not allowed to send. Unfortunately, we have to respect the spam problem.

In case you want to test Cross-Desktop on your own computer or web space you can download the 30 day limited shareware version. The shareware version consist of a fully functional single user version.

    What is the live demonstration version offering?
  • All functions of Cross-Desktop to test. As mentioned, sending emails is limited.
  • A set of pre-installed content to start with consisting of
    files, bookmarks, rss-feeds, emails etc.
  • Your personal Cross-Desktop demonstration account for your individual tests.
  • Cross-Desktop in the language of your choice, German, English, and French.
  • The experience to use a pc or a server from the distance in the same way as to use a pc located under your desk. With resonable bandwidth it works even faster than the file explorer of your local desktop.
    How to start?
  • 1. Choose the language on the right hand side of this page.
  • 2. Click on "Start Demo!".
  • Cross-Desktop will be started with the selected language.
    You can use any function considering the disk space provided.


Try the single user version in a
30 day trial shareware mode
Download here!

Cross-Desktop Demonstration

Choose a language.


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