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File Explorer
RSS/RDF Reader


Cross-Desktop is a web application integrating into one user interface a file explorer and an email client. The typical disjunction between comparable single applications is abolished. Additionally, news feeds in rss format are integrated and can be read. So, any information and the herefor provided functions are comfortably interwoven. From any place in the system many tasks can be achieved with a single mouse-click.

The philosophy of Cross-Desktop is content creation. The centralized storage of all data on a server and the bundling of such data by Cross-Desktop applications achieves the ability to work from nearly any internet connection as to be used to work on a personal computer by just using a standard browser. Texts, presentations, emails etc. are available from nearly any computer connected to the internet. Work can be stored centrally on a secure server. Any synchronisation of data is omitted.

The number of email accounts to be maintained is unlimited.

Storage for emails and informational data can be extended on request without performance decrease. The server is the limit rather than a disk or memory stick currently at hand.

In order to reach a maximum of ease of use by simple technical conditions, Cross-Desktop is held plugin free.

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