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File Explorer
RSS/RDF Reader

Email Client

Cross-Desktop integrates a functional complete email client. The email client allows to maintain an unlimited number of pop3 accounts. The merge of an email client and file explorer offers some interesting potential.

    General functions

  • Edit: create, reply, reply-to-all, and forward.
  • Operations: mark read and mark unread.
  • Accounts: unlimited number of email accounts, accounts distinguished by colours, various authentifications, signatures for any single account, store mails in folders.
  • Filter: complex filters, mark as read, delete mails, move to selected folder, select order of filtering, and AND-combination of filter items. Allows to remove spam mails and manage complex mail income.

    Desktop integration

  • Mail files: Breakup of proprietary file formats. Emails are single documents and can be moved and copied to any folder.
  • Attachments: Direct access to attachments without to open the respective email. Attachments can be copied with the clipboard, downloaded and directly taken as attachments for new mails.


  • Viruses and worms: the maintenance of emails on the server is secure against attacks of viruses and worms as no email containing programming code is executed on the server computer. Additionally, most virusses and worms are directed to local email client programs. Typically, web based email clients are virus resistent.
  • No Limits: no limits to growing email archives. The server is the extensible limit rather than the email client on the local PC.
  • Performance: Checking emails is possible even on low bandwidth internet connections since attachments are downloaded on request only.
Various search functions available.

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