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File Explorer
RSS/RDF Reader


Cross-Desktop provides a complete list of functions for file management. Functions include:

    File management

  • Clipboard: Functions to cut, copy and paste of files and folders even to zip archives.
  • File operations: Edit, create, delete and rename of files of all types.
  • Zip and Unzip: Pack and unpack zip archives for selections of files and folders.

    Web specifica

  • Upload, Download: Upload and download files up from and down to the local computer.
  • URL-Download: Download of files directly to the server by specification of a url. The files will be downloaded without detoured by the local computer. Some servers are directly connected to the backbone and therefore provide fast download speed. Works with http, https, ftp etc. urls. Usable even for large files like media data. Simultaneous download possible by specification of ';' separated urls.


  • Bookmarks: Create bookmarks compatible to Linux GUIs and Windows. Migrate Windows favourites by simply zipping the favourites folder on the local computer, upload the zip file to Cross-Desktop and unzip by clicking on the file icon in Cross-Desktop. Bookmarks are now centrally stored and available from anywhere one being internet connected.
  • Text documents: Creation and editing of plain text documents with the integrated editor.
  • Directories: Create, rename, move, copy and delete directories to structure data storage.

    Special functions

  • New window: Create another Cross-Desktop window to navigate different folders at once. The clipboard provides functions to operate between various Cross-Desktop windows.
  • Search: Search in files and search for files. Search allows the use of '*' wildcard characters.
Create various Cross-Desktop windows.

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