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RSS/RDF Reader

RSS/RDF Reader

RSS is a standardized xml format used for publishing news information in a compressed form over the internet, the so called news feeds or RSS feeds. Using the RSS format news information can be accessed from information providers of all kind. Cross-Desktop supports the RSS and its more complex RDF format by the display of news headlines, link and abstract in an easy to read way. The integration of RSS feeds into Cross-Desktop allows to directly store single articles as bookmarks using the built in clipboard. Reading and storing news not necessarily require to visit the provider's website anymore.

Source of information are an increasing amount of publishers, news agencies, blogs etc. called content syndicators. RSS feeds mainly are provided for free access and without advertising. Hidden costs don't apply.

Cross-Desktop can both handle RSS and RDF format. RDF is a similar but more complex format. Both formats are seamlessly integrated to Cross-Desktop.

RSS feeds can be found in special catalogs or at popular news providers.

RSS Reader: personal news from anywhere.

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