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Cross-Desktop considers many security features in order to make the software trustworthy to our clients. Depending on how Cross-Desktop will be used, different security arrangements have been made.

    Cross-Desktop Service
  • The graphical user interface runs in https mode using a 128-bit certificate.
  • Entrance by individual user-synomyms and password
  • The server is closed up as much as possible. Only ports necessary for communication are used.
  • The avoidence of plugins garanties slime-line communication with the server which again allows as much security control as possible.
  • Frequent backups help to restore data after disk crache.
  • The network provider garanties high availability.
  • Therefore, the Cross-Desktop service is as secure as an internet service can be.
    Individual installations of Cross-Desktop
  • Generally, security can be scaled depending on demand.
  • Access can be controlled by firewall.
  • username-password can be changed to individual certificate
  • Ldap can be integrated.
  • File-Management and Backup can be setup to larger storage solutions.

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