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Corruptive programmers over and over develop programs that try to creep into local personal computers in order to take over control of the pc to do offensive actions with or without notice of the computer owner. Lately, main emphasis of attack was Email communication. Cross-Desktop antagonises virusses in various ways.

    Cross-Desktop virus protection
  • The graphical user interface is built completely on html and, therefore, direct execution of crucial scripts is not possible without notice.
  • The Cross-Desktop Service is run on linux which does not allow to run effected windows programs. Linux is known to be virus-secure.
  • The browser in which Cross-Desktop being run does not allow to access the pc without grant.
  • The Cross-Desktop integrated email system cannot autoexecute scripts in effected emails as the user interface is html-built.
  • The Cross-Desktop email system can display email attachments without the necessity to open the actual email.
  • The Cross-Desktop built in extended zip-file management allows you to look inside email attached zip-files without to open the compressed file.
  • The only risk that cannot be antagonised is the human factor. We just cannot prevent yourself against your spontaneous decission to download an unkown file to your pc and execute it.

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