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Standard Application
Application Framework

Use cases

Private PC
Dedicated server

Standard Application

The standard application of Cross-Desktop is intended to be used on private computers, individual servers or personal webspaces. The system can be used in internet and intranet environments. Although little web server knowledge is necessary, the standard application of Cross-Desktop is dedicated for technical savvy people who know how to install software in web server environments.

Installation is browser based and kept simple. No telnet or ssh connection to the installation computer is necessary. Therefore, Cross-Desktop can be installed from small webhosting packages that allow to run personal cgi-scripts up to installations of unlimited size.

Cross-Desktop is available in two Versions. Order Cross-Desktop here..

General system requirements

    Client side:
  • Browser: Microsoft IE 5.0+, Mozilla 1.0+, Netscape 7.0+.
    Server side:
  • Unix, Perl, Zip/Unzip (not installed on every system by default).
  • Windows requires Cygwin to be installed.
    An installation guide can be found here.

Single-User Version

The single user version of Cross-Desktop is intended to be installed on webspaces, virtual servers or private personal computers that are accessible by a dynamic dns (dyndns) service.

The target audience are single persons who want to maintain personal information independent from place with a standard browser but without technical difficulties.

The Cross-Desktop standard software can be installed on any unix based webspaces that allow to run personal cgi scripts. Other types of servers are virtual servers or vservers, dedicated or root servers or web appliances. Equivalent system environments on personal computers are also suitable. Please note, that for security reasons to access personal computers from the internet a dynamic dns service and firewall should be established.

Multi-User Version

The multi-user version of Cross-Desktop differs from the single user version in the way that it allows to maintain an unlimited number of user accounts.

The target audience are companies up to large enterprises that want to enforce the deployment of web applications and want to build upon a standard solution that can serve as a basis for further development.

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