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Private PC
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Access a private PC from the internet with Cross-Desktop

It is possible to install the Cross-Desktop standard software on your home PC. If done so, you can access the home PC from the internet in a secure way. Depending on the configuration you can have access to all of your local files from anywhere in the world. This use case is intended for users with software technical skill.

To be run on a private PC, Cross-Desktop requires a standard webserver, i.e. Apache, with additional Perl and https support to be installed. To access a PC from out the internet a dynamic DNS service, i.e. http://www.dyndns.org, needs to be configured. The dial-up connection is required to be always online. For safety reasons a firewall should be set up on the local computer.

    Advantages (especially for DSL connected PCs):
  • Managing large quantities of data without the necessity to transport the data.
  • URL-Download function is still fast as the download side of adsl lines has the high bandwidth.
  • Small files are accessible in reasonable time.
  • Any local file manageable.
  • Centralised bookmark management.
  • Secure and virus-save.
  • Technically speaking, just one port (https:443) for incoming connection to be opened.
  • All files are located at home.
  • Private PC must be always online. Probably, flat rate or volume based rate is recommended.

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