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Standard Application
Application Framework

Use cases

Private PC
Dedicated server

Web application development

As an open framework, Cross-Desktop can be seamlessly integrated in corporate IT environments. The open interfaces of Cross-Desktop provide a web application development base.

With this attempt web applications can be developed with standardised graphical user interfaces (GUI) and, therefore, lead to cost effectiveness. Ask for assistance. The whitepaper on the right provides further information.

Cases for applications:

  • Integration in corporate IT environment: Connect to LDAP and databases for user account management, integration of unified messaging, linking to proprietary web applications etc.
  • Extensions: Expansion to CRM functionality by incorporation of the existing email funktionalities, integration of streaming media componentes in order to expand to personalized media shops or development of office components.
  • Migration of classical desktop applications: For the migration of single desktop applications to linux based web applications Cross-Desktop offers a standardised framework. The layout is already defined. Menus are configured in minutes. Concentrated development of functional development lead to cost savings.



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