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Software related questions

    Is a database necessary to run Cross-Desktop on our server?
  • No. Cross-Desktop requires no database at all in order to be run on your host.
    Can I run Cross-Desktop on my home based PC?
  • Yes, you can. The system requirements are simple. We have written a use case on how to handle private PCs with Cross-Desktop.
    How can user data be made invisible towards the webserver's view?
  • The configuration of Cross-Desktop allows to configure user data in a different path that can not be seen by the actual webserver. Therefore, no personal data can be directly accessed from the world wide web.
    Is it possible to integrate Cross-Desktop in proprietary system environments?
  • Yes, you can. Cross-Desktop is written in perl and, therefore, can be customised in order to be integrated in nearly any system environment.
    Can we build custom web applications that use the core technology of Cross-Desktop?
  • Yes, you can. Cross-Desktop can be used as an application development framework. You can make use of the menu-system, the icon-tray, and any other Cross-Desktop technique if you want to create web applications based on Cross-Desktop standards.
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