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Program for practical educations at

Cross Development to interested students offers a program to support practical tasks of bachelor or master thesises by offering programming opportunities. In this program the Cross-Desktop system will be taken as the object of study for the development of web applications. Programming tasks will be designed to fit for the practise part of the thesis. This program also suites for the practise part of sandwich curriculums that are built of theory-practise-theory slices.

As part of an informal partnership with the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany, students can prepare the practical part of the bachelor thesis by serving programming tasks.

This opportunity is open for students of any high school, university or other type of academy. A first contact can be made using the contact form.

An example for a successful programming task is CrossDraw which is a graphical web application based on the well known open source graphic engine ImageMagick.

A rose created with CrossDraw.

For business interest regarding software development based on the Cross-Desktop application framework please consider the respective pages.

Cut, Copy and Paste using the Clipboard.

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