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CrossDraw is a graphical web application based on Cross-Desktop technology and the graphical system ImageMagick. CrossDraw was developed as the practical part in the preparation of a bachelor thesis at the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany.

The task was to develop a graphical web application based on Cross-Desktop. As part of the task the graphical system ImageMagick was integrated into the user interface of Cross-Desktop. The result had to be a web based application that behaves similar to classical desktop applications, but without the need of plugin-like techniques. The original work is presented here for demonstration purposes only.

Start CrossDraw.

Remark: CrossDraw is the result of a studental work within limited scedules. Nevertheless, the implemented graphical functions already reflect the power of ImageMagick and the possibilities of a web application.

Functional portfolio:

  • Transformations: affin, chop, coalesce, crop, flip, flop, flatten, rotate, roll, shave, sheer, trim etc.
  • Enhancements: spiff, dull, equalize, normalize, negate, hue, saturation, brightness, gamma, level etc.
  • Effects: sharpen, blur, despeckle, emboss, threshold, spread, shade, edge, median, noise, etc.
  • Annotations: many Fonts and Colors.
  • Decorations: Frames in various forms and colors.
  • Input, Output: Load and save many file formats.
  • etc.

We help to cost-effectively develop web applications with standardised graphical user interfaces (GUI). Ask your questions.



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